Uju`s Star Apple

hello? When you encounter our company's star apples, you will fall in love with the taste and the truth. They are 'Uju Star Apples'.


Uju's Star Apples cultivates a variety of apples, including regular Busa, Miyabi, Gamhong, and Shinano Sweet. Unlike other places, we farm using existing eco-friendly farming methods, such as using low toxicity and low pesticides. We do not use any herbicides, fertilizers, colorants, or bulking agents, and are grown only with manure that has been aged for more than 3 years. We put all our sincerity and effort into growing delicious and healthy apples.


Uju's Star Apples were selected as one of Korea's top 100 STAR FARM and certified as an excellent agricultural product. Won the Excellence Award at the apple competition for producing high-quality and safe agricultural products. We have been able to come this far thanks to your sincerity and love, winning the gold prize at the apple competition and winning the high-quality and safe agricultural product production campaign.


Uju's Star Apple produces more delicious apples through head horn scissors. If the pollinator reaching the flower lips is not good, the apple will not be able to produce its full flavor and aroma. Therefore, in order for a flower to produce not only fruits but also many seeds, bees must visit the flower several times.


We ask for your continued interest in ‘Universe Star Apple’! thank you