Hello, we are a Premium~ Hanok Pension,DongPaRang,located in Kyeongju, South Korea.

It's a new building, that opened in June, 22.

So it's neat, and great for taking pictures!

I can introduce you with confidence, Our Pension is the best accommodations, that, combine Korean beauty,with, the latest trends!

Our pension, offers a beautiful garden, a private pool villa, and a double room.

Also, the jacuzzi, in the pool villa is very popular.

The pool, always supplies hot water and keeps circulating.

So it is very good for family travel, throughout,the four seasons.

There are famous tourist attractions, around our pension.

Hwangnidan-gil,Cheomseongdae,Donggung Palace and Wolji, Pond,also, there is a free parking lot, near the pension,so you can travel to Kyeongju, more conveniently.

Lastly, our pension was well received, by 90% of actual customers.

You can check out real customer reviews, on many booking platforms.

Once again~, we promise DongPaRang's true service.

If you visit Kyeongju, please~,visit.

Thank you very much.