Andong Ginger Research Institute

hello? Our company raises the quality of ginger and ginger. ‘Andong Ginger Research Institute’ uses only 100% Andong ginger.


The ginger manufactured by Andong Ginger Research Institute is characterized by maximizing the functionality of ginger and dramatically reducing its pungent taste through the steaming and high concentration process. Even in the manufacturing process, all ingredients were used to maximize the ingredients, and erythritol and fructo-oligosaccharide were used to create a spicy taste so that even diabetics and small children could consume it. Because only carefully selected ingredients are used, even diabetics, obese patients, and consumers planning a diet can consume it with confidence, and the highest quality ginger from the Andong region, the largest ginger producing area in the country, is used as raw material, so we can guarantee that it is the best product.


The reason why I jumped into the ginger business under my name while I was running a head restaurant called ‘Yemijeong’ in Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do is because Andong has become the largest ginger producing area in the country since 2014 and various businesses are being promoted. In addition, I am working on the research and development of healthy foods using ginger, including receiving a master's degree from Andong National University Graduate School on the subject of 'Development of storytelling to revitalize Andong ginger brand'. After years of effort, in 2021, we succeeded in developing a product that captures the spicy taste of ginger and can be consumed by anyone, regardless of gender or age.


Andong Ginger Research Institute is making efforts to research and develop healthy foods using ginger, including winning the grand prize at the 'Gyeongbuk Women's Startup Idea Contest' co-hosted by the Gyeongbuk Women's Policy Development Institute and the Gyeongbuk Metropolitan Women's New Work Center in 2021. In addition to ginger essence, we plan to develop additional ginger foods for diet and supply them to department stores and shopping malls at home and abroad using Yemijeong's online and offline distribution network.


We ask for your continued interest in ‘Andong Ginger Research Institute’! thank you