Andong Jocheong Tabion

hello? Our company is ‘Andong Jocheong Tabion’, which makes grain syrup with love for traditional food.


After working in public office for 28 years, I have been living my second life as an entrepreneur making natural grain syrup in Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do since 2016. The reason I started my grain syrup business was because of my lifelong love for traditional food. The reason we chose grain syrup as our business item is because it is the root of traditional food. While studying about soybean paste, a sweetener that determines the taste of food, I decided to make traditional grain syrup using natural ingredients. Afterwards, I naturally learned deeply about traditional liquor, and as I studied traditional liquor made from rice, my knowledge of rice deepened, and I became interested in grain syrup made from rice, so I started making grain syrup.


In keeping with my belief that there is no end to learning the story of everything from traditional food to traditional liquor to grain syrup, I do not use any of the six processed products such as refined enzymes, maltose, sugar, preservatives, GMOs, or viscosity enhancers, and use 100% domestic ingredients to create the highest quality Baekjinju that tastes great. This is a healthy premium handmade syrup made from rice and malt, a natural saccharifying agent. When you try it, you can feel the soft and subtle natural sweetness rather than the intense sweetness. Because it is made from healthy ingredients, it is best consumed when there is a lot of fine dust, when you have bronchial asthma or coughing, or when digestion and absorption of food is difficult.


Tabion's corporate spirit is to ensure that future generations grow healthily through good food rather than to generate profits. It is about coexistence with the region, and by using 'Andong Baekjinju rice' produced in our region as the rice essential for invitations, we will grow into a company that will be helpful to farmers in the future.