Hello, This is the Jinkwansa Temple, a traditional
temple representing South Korea and Seoul.

JinKwansa Temple, located in JinKwan-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, on the west side of Bukhan Mountain, is a thousand-year-old temple that started as 'Shinhyeolsa' in the Goryeo Dynasty.
It was founded as Jinkwansa in 1010 by King Hyeonjong of Goryeo in honor of the great monk Jinkwan, who saved him.

In the main hall, the temple enshrines the Buddhas of the three types.

Many devotees visit for prayer and prostration, seeking peace of mind.

Jinkwansa has a history of 600 years of conducting 'Jinkwansa Su-Ryuk-jae', designated as National Intangible Cultural Heritage No.126, starting from the time of King Taejo, the founder of the Joseon Dynasty, who initiated the 'Royal Buddhist Rituals' at Jinkwansa.

The Temple Stay at Jinkwansa is a world-renowned healing program, offering an experience of the essence and traditions of 1,700 years of Korean Buddhist culture, including living, eating, and staying in a mountain temple in the capital of South Korea.

The "Garden of the Mind" is particularly popular for its therapeutic qualities.
Jinkwansa is also renowned for its temple food, a vegetarian cuisine that preserves the natural taste of vegetables, based on the Buddhist tradition of 'Balwoo Gongyang', which fosters compassion and accumulates virtue.

Under the guidance of Monk Gye Ho, the temple leads the way in helping people find true freedom and happiness.
Traditional and modern harmony brings wisdom, and where prayer and practice bring peace of mind.

This is the Garden of the Mind, Jinkwansa.

Thank you.