hello? Our company is ‘Deogyudang’, a true Korean traditional sweets made with local rice and mother’s hand-made taste.

‘Deokyudang’ returned to farming in 1990 with her husband, whom she met while participating in the farmers’ movement in college, and began farming in Jibomyeon. As the CEO, I have been learning traditional Hangwa since 2003 and am currently serving as the representative of Yecheon Deotjae Village Hangwa and the president of the Korean Food Research Association.


Deogyudang’s irreplaceable Deokjae Hangwa is made with fermentation as the first step. Soak the glutinous rice completely in water and allow it to ferment. Afterwards, the thinly rolled dough is dried on a warm floor and cut to fit the purpose to make the dough. After frying the opposite side in oil, apply grain syrup and sprinkle fried rice powder as a garnish to complete the dish. Deokyudang Deojae Hangwa made in this way is handmade and does not have a salty smell, unlike other Hangwa made in factories. Because our Hangwa is made by hand, mass production is not possible, but with the craftsmanship of our family members who have been with Deogyudang for several years, we will strive to create Hangwa that can satisfy the satisfaction of many people.


Today, at Deokyudang, it is difficult for Hangwa to remain in its proper place, so we are a small farmer who is working hard to save it so that everyone can eat delicious Hangwa to their heart's content. With a commitment to widely promote Korean traditional sweets in Yecheon, Gyeongbuk, we are leading the coexistence with local residents by practicing expert courses and the 6th industry through ‘Four Seasons Food Experience’ and ‘Food Coordinator Korean Dessert’ training.


We ask for your continued interest in ‘Deokyudang’! thank you