Shop Introduction

Hello, This is the Asaga Tea Cultural Center where you can relax and heal your mind in your busy daily life.

We are located in a place with a good view over Bomun Lake in Gyeongju.

Various East Asian teas such as Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan are provided in various ways by period.

Asaga is a tea house representing Gyeongju City.

Chinese puer tea, Korean green tea, Taiwanese Oolong tea, Japanese matcha tea, You can choose a tea that suits your taste or get a recommendation.

There is a set of tea table, a scent experience, and a delicious dessert.

Enjoy various Korean tea cultures.

Since the Silla Dynasty, we have inherited the will of Asaga master craftsman.

So, we have been doing our best for 20 years to study and properly promote the tea culture of Korea.

Join us for a traditional tea ceremony at Asaga Tea House!

It will warm your heart, too.

Thank you.