Jibo Nonghyup Yejicheonbo Sesame Oil

hello? Our company is 'Jibo Nonghyup Yejicheonbo Sesame Oil', a Korean agricultural product grown in Yecheon's clear water and clean land.


The oil produced at the processing center is unique starting from the raw materials. It is a top-quality product produced under natural conditions of abundant sunlight and large daily temperature range after purchasing approximately 120 tons of 100% domestic sesame and perilla seeds annually from over 450 farms in the Yecheon area. After receiving the raw materials, they go through the following processes: precision sifting, washing, primary sifting, input of raw materials, roasting, pressing, and milking. In particular, when extracting oil, the unique aroma and taste of sesame oil is preserved through low-temperature extraction below 100℃. The facility that produces sesame oil using domestic raw materials is the best in the country, and there are no competitors in terms of taste and quality. Yejicheonbo sesame oil, a gift from Yecheon's nature, is not only good for your health but also adds happiness and flavor to your home.


Jibo Nonghyup Sesame Oil Processing Plant started the sesame oil processing business in December 1985, and over the past 30 years, has acquired sesame oil traditional food quality certification, the first sesame seed quality certification in the country, and perilla oil traditional food quality certification, etc. in 2022. The second leap forward for ‘Yejicheonbo Sesame Oil’ began with the completion of the processing and distribution center.


In "Jibo Nonghyup Yejicheonbo Sesame Oil", as soon as a consumer's order is received, it is produced on the same day at the Jibo Nonghyup Sesame Processing and Distribution Center and shipped by courier on the same day. ‘Yejicheonbo Sesame Oil’ is gaining a reputation as a high-quality sesame oil, including being selected as a gift to the President’s Office during the Chuseok holidays. In particular, we can confidently guarantee the trust of consumers with our great reputation, such as ranking first in sales of processed products at ‘Nonghyup Mall’ during the Chuseok period.


We ask for your continued interest in ‘Jibo Nonghyup Yejicheonbo Sesame Oil’!

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